Writing Genre Series: Becky Kapjon

This is a series focused on showing emerging writers that genre is a personal choice... I’m Becky Kapjon and I am a contemporary romance writer.  Since I am an avid romance reader, I decided why not tell my own stories.  I take my stories one step further, my stories are not a typical romance novel. …

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Black Swan Planet by James Peters

Hello folks. So I only share reviews on books that I rate personally with 5 stars, we don't have time to waste with anything else, right? I had the privilege of reviewing Black Swan Planet by James Peters. This book is the typical boy meets girl meets chimpanzee meets a time jumping space Queen meets …

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Introvert Press, LLC: Open for Short Story Submissions

Introvert Press, LLC is now accepting submissions for its annual short story contest. Submissions must be between 1500 and 10,000 words. The theme for January is HUMANITY / DIVERSITY. You may interpret this theme however you desire. We accept all genres, including poetry. We have no prohibition about profanity, but please understand we want your …

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Defining Literary Fiction

There are vampires and werewolves, spaceships and new planets, underworlds and water worlds. All of these genres expand the mind and transport the reader. Literary fiction, as a point of departure from the exotic, dwells in the moment of real human interaction...making the mundane breathtaking and normal people complex.