CreateSpace is Closing

Here's the info from CreateSpace. Here is info from David Gaughran. Hyperlinks appear in original article. CreateSpace Is Dead, Long Love KDP Print CreateSpace is closing, it’s official. As I said up top, and in my post two weeks ago, it’s probably wise to get ahead of the big migration in a few weeks. Amazon has … Continue reading CreateSpace is Closing

Aretha Franklin – The Queen of Soul

She was a woman unstoppable. As a child, Aretha Franklin sang from the steps of her church in Detroit, Michigan. It was a pure and rousing gospel voice. She was discovered and sang hundreds of chart-topping songs. My personal favorite, "Think", came to me at a very dark time. Her music helped me through it. … Continue reading Aretha Franklin – The Queen of Soul

Amazon Royalty Options: Which One is Best for You?

This is an incredible article breaking down the 35% v 70% royalty rate for your kindle books.

Jelec, the White Bear

A blue web.

I: Introduction

Like many writers, I’m interested in making my work available on’s Kindle ebook reader. They’ve had a direct publishing option for some time now, which is called (aptly enough) “Kindle Direct Publishing.”

When you’re talking ebooks, there are a number of issues that need to be dealt with. These include, but aren’t limited to: cover design, formatting, illustrations (if any), and the like.

One of the thornier ones is the matter of pricing and royalty structures.

Deciding on a price point for your book is a very personal matter, and it’s a topic I’m still thinking a lot about as I prepare to release my own book. I’ll most likely be in the under $5 bracket. There are a few reasons why that feels like a comfortable place for me: for one thing, I’m used to buying trade paperbacks of many excellent SF&F authors for around $7.99…

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A Review of REDNECK BLUES by Mick Rose

Mick Rose REVIEW: Redneck Blues, short story by Josh Jones An engaging humorous romp in a Hicksville redneck town. Easy 8-page read. While Amazon estimates reading time at less than 30 minutes, Josh deftly propels the reader -- and I doubt it took me 10. Last I heard Redneck Blues had climbed from No. 5 on … Continue reading A Review of REDNECK BLUES by Mick Rose

The Unreal Realness of Writer’s Block

SECTION ONE: Intro To prepare for this article, I reached out to twenty different writers in different genres and stages of their writing careers. In the group of twenty writers nine identified as men, nine identified as women, and two identified as trans. The age range of the people queried ran from fourteen years of … Continue reading The Unreal Realness of Writer’s Block