Flash Fiction Friday

Alanah Andrews is an English teacher in Australia, who dreams of one day traveling the world in a bus. If you like her writing, check out her website: www.alanahandrews.com.

Feb 2, 2018

The Good Girlfriend

When we first started dating, I thought it was cute that he played video games. He would sit on the worn couch for hours, tongue stuck halfway out in concentration as he lined the head of an enemy up in the crosshairs of his sniper’s rifle.

I was always the good girlfriend, cheering him along as he jabbed the controls like an excited child.

Eventually, realising he paid more attention to the characters in his virtual world than to me, I gave him an ultimatum.

He didn’t even pause his game to say goodbye.

Shooting your enemies is surprisingly satisfying…


Jan 26, 2018

Morning Rush

0700: Alarm shrieks. Bleary eyes as I stumble out of bed.

0705: Jump in the shower. Can’t relax. Got to rush.

0715: Shovel cereal. Pour a hot drink. It scalds my throat.

0720: On the road. Have I beaten the traffic? No luck.

0730… 0740… 0750… crawling slowly. Horns screech. Engines rumble.

0800: Barely halfway. Feeling stressed – call the boss.

0820: The slow-moving ribbon of cars snakes its way into the city. My favourite song plays on the radio. Wait…

I open my eyes. It’s 7am. Fuck. Turn off the alarm and stumble out of bed. Time to get ready.


Alanah Andrews

Victoria, Australia