A Review of REDNECK BLUES by Mick Rose

Mick Rose REVIEW: Redneck Blues, short story by Josh Jones An engaging humorous romp in a Hicksville redneck town. Easy 8-page read. While Amazon estimates reading time at less than 30 minutes, Josh deftly propels the reader -- and I doubt it took me 10. Last I heard Redneck Blues had climbed from No. 5 on … Continue reading A Review of REDNECK BLUES by Mick Rose

Android and Eve

Flash Fiction Friday is a series currently curated by Alanah Andrews. If you'd like to submit flash fiction for publication, please contact Introvert Press. ____________________________ Android and Eve ‘You know, I’m gettin’ real sick of these hunks of junk takin’ all our jobs.’ Steven glanced over his shoulder at the woman behind the bar, then … Continue reading Android and Eve

Dot of Blood

Alanah Andrews is an English teacher in Australia, who dreams of one day traveling the world in a bus. If you like her writing, check out her website: www.alanahandrews.com _______________________________________ The light is piercing, even through his tightly clenched eyelids. Odd. Slowly opening his eyes against the glare, he notices the metal bed he is lying … Continue reading Dot of Blood

The Upper Twenty Percent

Short Story Sunday Series By Michael Recto When Vilfredo Pareto once observed that 20 percent of the peapods in his garden produced 80 percent of the peas, he painted a tangible picture of how the world truly works. Equality is an illusion. No amount of idealism can produce equilibrium. A man’s effort can bring him … Continue reading The Upper Twenty Percent

Contest Announcements

This months contest had 52 submissions. The top ten are listed below: WINNER Rob Burton -- The Storyteller: A man who walks the Earth in perpetuity chronicling the lifetimes of those he touches. Rob was born in Birmingham, UK and currently lives in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. Rob's story will be published in IP's Annual Anthology of … Continue reading Contest Announcements