A Review of REDNECK BLUES by Mick Rose

Mick Rose REVIEW: Redneck Blues, short story by Josh Jones An engaging humorous romp in a Hicksville redneck town. Easy 8-page read. While Amazon estimates reading time at less than 30 minutes, Josh deftly propels the reader -- and I doubt it took me 10. Last I heard Redneck Blues had climbed from No. 5 on … Continue reading A Review of REDNECK BLUES by Mick Rose

A New Conversation about Guns

We need to make new symbols. Make new signs. Make a new language. With these we'll define the world. lyrics to New Beginnings by Tracey Chapman She's on to something. Imagine the conversation about guns if we had to start all over making terms for things. What if phrases like "gun control" and "second amendment remedies" were … Continue reading A New Conversation about Guns