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Summer Book Launch 

Introvert Press launches debut novels for 6 up-and-coming literary artists each summer.

The Yearly Anthology of Human Thought

We publish an annual anthology of short stories, poetry, flash fiction and witticisms submitted by our contributors.

2018 – Theme: Decision Making

2019 – Theme: After the Apocalypse

The I.P. Blog

We provide weekly updates on our blog. Contributors are welcome to submit guest blogs for publication. I.P. is looking for unusual perspectives, rascally takes, and acerbic commentary. Witty, even sardonic, posts about our lives as writers are encouraged. We allow a wide range of topics as long as somewhere in the details it extends back to the writing process.

New Year’s Eve 24-hour Flash Fiction Horror Contest

While most of the world raise glasses of champagne on New Year’s Eve, we writers are at home putting words to the page. I.P. hosts a flash fiction contest in honor of Mary Shelley and her classic novel Frankenstein. Her novel, written in 1818 London, was the result of a friendly competition in an old castle during a fierce storm. The competition is what inspired I.P.s New Year’s Eve contest. The theme for the contest will be posted on the I.P. website at 9:00 pm on New Year’s Eve. The contest will end at 9:00 pm on New Year’s Day. Follow our Facebook Page or our blog to get updates and theme.


This is the most vulnerable part of the writing process for many.  You have worked to assemble your manuscript for the past year or more, and now you hand it over for evaluation by a publisher. [Enter all emotions felt by the author here.]

We do things a bit different here. IP submissions are by invite only. We do not accept unsolicited submissions. Open calls for submissions seem cruel. Hundreds of worthy manuscripts tossed aside because a marketing decision takes precedence over quality writing. But, that is the current state of affairs in publishing.


IP focuses on two malleable genres as their focus novel-length features:

  1. Literary fiction focusing on realistic characters experiencing obstacles in life, and
  2. Under-represented voices.

That being said, if we encounter a manuscript that really knocks our socks off, we will pursue the author. If you have been invited to submit, please do so here.


Photo by Natalie Collins on Unsplash