Publications & Contests


Our quarterly publication assisting emerging writers to break out of obscurity and into a writing career. Our contributors fuel the following columns. (If you don’t see one here that you’d like to create – let us know!)

  1. The politics of writing
  2. Is it Bullshit or Not? (debunking internet trends and social media gimmicks)
  3. Tips from the Dark Side (mistakes we’ve made for you to learn from…)
  4. Ms. Hatchett’s Advice Column for the Literarily Challenged
  5. Wrebel Writers (updates on successes and failures of our contributors)
  6. Rejection Reviews (postings of the best Rejection Letters our contributors receive)
  7. Jokes, Boners, and Witticisms

The I.P. Anthology

We will publish an annual anthology of works submitted by our contributors. Themes will vary so stay tuned for submission guidelines. The winner, and two runners-up, of our annual New Years’ Eve writing contest; as well as the winner of our short story contest, will be included in this publication. Those who enter and do not win in our two annual contests may also submit their stories for consideration to be included in this publication.

The I.P. Blog

We provide weekly updates on our blog. Contributors are welcome to submit guest blogs for publication. I.P. is looking for unusual perspectives, rascally takes, and acerbic commentary. Witty, even sardonic, posts about our lives as writers are encouraged. We allow a wide range of topics as long as somewhere in the details it extends back to the writing process.

The I.P. New Years’ Eve 24-hour Flash Fiction Horror Contest

While most of the world raise glasses of champagne, we writers are at home putting words to the page. I.P. hosts a flash fiction contest in honor of Mary Shelley and her classic novel Frankenstein. Her novel, written in 1818 London, was the result of a friendly competition in an old castle during a fierce storm. The competition is what inspired I.P.s New Year’s Eve contest. The theme for the contest will be posted on the I.P. website at 9:00 pm on New Year’s Eve. The contest will end at 9:00 pm on New Year’s Day. Follow our Facebook page or our blog to get updates and theme.

The I.P. Annual Literary Fiction Short Story Writing Contest

Each year we host a fee-based writing contest as a fundraiser for Introvert PRESS in June. 50% of proceeds from this contest go toward author advances, the other 50% will go toward the winning submission. Deadline is April 4th, the day on which George Orwell’s 1984 famously begins.

The theme of our 2018 contest: Transformation.

Entry fee: $10 (waivers available)

Stories will be 1,500 to 10,000 words. It can be of any genre. Employ your best literary mechanisms. Regardless if you write horror or literary or romance, stories will be judged on their mastery of language, their stunning nuance, and their evocative nature.

PRIZE: $100