I am a serial killer.

I sit, in the dark, alone. The thoughts come to me about my next victim. I know where she goes for coffee after her run. I know where he picks up his fifth of Bourbon after work. I see the silhouette of a family playing board games at their kitchen table through their drawn shades. … Continue reading I am a serial killer.


  FIVE STEPS TO SELL MORE ON AMAZON March 7, 2017 REPRINTED FROM:  https://www.writtenwordmedia.com   If your book is on Amazon, your primary goal will be to sell more books on Amazon.  Selling books on Amazon is all about optimizing for the Amazon algorithm. Sound complicated? It can be, but don’t worry we have 5 … Continue reading FIVE STEPS TO SELL MORE ON AMAZON

Upcoming Free Promotion

Hello folks. IntrovertPRESS will be starting active promotions in April. Please visit us at IntrovertPRESS to see what we are planning.  If you are an author seeking a boost in sales, please go to our Contact page and in the Message area and post: your name literary title genre of your title one sentence description of … Continue reading Upcoming Free Promotion