Taming the Social Media Maze

The Thought:  My social media footprint will bring readers to my book.

The Reality: You need to bring your social media footprint to your readers



The statements above may seem like a petty distinction; however, I believe this is why indie books get parked in a stagnant social media footprint. Think of that big footprint left behind by the T-Rex in Jurassic Park. This footprint is created: large, defined and impressive. Enter the monsoon rains (in this metaphor we will say the rains are the flurry of social media activity). The huge imprint fills up with rainfall, but instead of holding onto the rain, the footprint itself is washed away into obscurity.


  1. 93.5% of your Facebook followers do NOT see your postings.
  2. unless you are using “Lists” on Twitter, you aren’t really utilizing Twitter
  3. vague titles will kill blog post readership
  4. lack of awareness of what days and hours is most advantageous to post
  5. the list goes on and on…

The items listed above, along with countless other social media concerns, are what we spend our time solving. Social media must be used strategically to meet realistic expectations. If it isn’t used with a heavy dose of critical thinking, it simply will not perform. What it can and cannot accomplish varies somewhat from author to author, but overall it can bring great success if utilized correctly. Introvert PRESS will work to get the most exposure for your book. That’s our goal, plain and simple.

Our blog posts are used to promote:

  1. Your book debut
  2. Your link on our genre publicity pages
  3. Your book review
  4. Press Releases to pertinent news/community agencies about your book
  5. Your appearance on our Author Spotlight series
  6. Your quotes and comments in our Monthly Newsletter

Did we mention that all of this is free?

Please share this post as much as possible. We need to connect with more authors to complete our network goals.


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Author Networking

Let’s face it….we thought writing the novel was the hard part. And it was. It was VERY hard. So it seems almost like undue penalty that we, as indie authors, have to battle social media to sell our books in a cyber atmosphere of seemingly unending dead ends.

Give a long sigh. Maybe pour a few fingers of whisky. Whatever you need to do… to prepare for that foul bastion of mmm….mmmarrr….ok, say it with me:


Take the first step. Join forces with authors everywhere – including here – let’s utilize one another to place our books in front of a multitude of potential readers. It’s not the solution to becoming a best seller — but it is a solid step in combating obscurity. That’s the real enemy – obscurity.

Let’s fight it… TOGETHER! Join us: Introvert PRESS.


Who likes space?

This is the link to my book, Continuity. Its basically the story of all of us. Human beings. How we evolve as a civilization. One peek at our historical timeline will tell anyone that humanity is forever learning more, understanding more, and expanding our perception of what our reality is. The world used to be flat. The sun used to be the center of the universe.

Well, I want to know what’s next. So I wrote the story that I think should happen. Humanity finally finds its place in the universe.

Should I join Introvert PRESS to promote my book?

What does it mean to be a MEMBER of Introvert PRESS.

  1. It means  very little work for you.
  2. It means you don’t have to pay for anything.
  3. It means you submit a comprehensive blog about your current works for sale.
  4. It means you need to post weekly to your timeline an approved post from this website to your Facebook page, your Twitter feed, and any other applicable social media outlets. You are divided into genre so Romance writers aren’t posting Horror.
  5. That’s about it.

What are the benefits?

  1. You receive the benefit of a network posting your product to thousands of people.
  2. You receive a linked posting under the genre of your choice for website visitors.
  3. You receive access to the website mailing list.

What are the negatives?

  1. Hmmm….still looking for them

How do I become a member?

Contact us here – just say in the comment area “I am interested in becoming a member. You have our promise this is not some whacky marketing scam that sells your info. Just the opposite, you are linking with other writers who have the same goal: selling books.

For Authors Looking to Network


I’m a writer…a writer with an underwhelming social media presences.

To that end, I have a simple idea. It’s not original, so save the kudos.Essentially it’s an old fashion telephone tree. Not a cell phone tree — an old clunky avocado colored, screwed to the wall, Ma Bell phone kind of phone tree. (OK…you youngsters will need to google Ma Bell…and maybe phone cord.)

Here it is:

I am writer with 250 friends.

30 writers x 250 friends = 7500 placements.

Sales of 1% of 7500 = 75.

The question for this idea: Are sales of 1% – 10% of 7500 placements feasible?