Josh Jones’ CV


     Sheltered published Introvert Press in 2017, Breaking Rules Publications in 2018

     The Game currently seeking publisher.

     The Orphan’s Pen currently seeking publisher


     Pages of a Popinjay published by Introvert Press in 2018

     Waking Beneath the Chicory Flower currently seeking publisher.

Short Stories

     Bones on the Desert Floor published by SpaceBoy Books LLC – 2017

     91 published by How The World Should Work (.com) – 2018

     An Easter Story

     Redneck Blues

     This Time ’Round

     Go to Good

     The Long Night


     A Simple Thing

     Ancient Chinese Secret


     How to Overcome Writer’s Block – 2018


Edited Works

     The Truckstop at the Edge of the Universe by Jeremy Morang. Expected: June 2019

     The Village by Randall Thompson. Expected: June 2019

     Someone to Love by Becky Kajon. Expected: September 2018


ACES, the society for editing

Poets & Writers Non-profit Organization