Introvert Press primarily works with authors we publish. As a means of supporting our operating costs we do provide fee-based services for authors we don’t publish. 

Fees are in US Dollars. All Services are pre-paid. Price comparison from Editorial Freelance Association.

Coaching: 3 hours of consultation / $75

We coach in three areas: 1) How to Outline Your Manuscript, 2) How to Assemble and Format an Anthology, and 3) How to Unblock Writer’s Block.

Beta Reading: $75 up to 80K, 125 over 80K

A beta feedback report will be created assessing character development, plot flow, tense consistency, plot holes, and overall literary impressions. Feedback will be accompanied by a score ranging from 1 – 10 that many large publishing houses use to gauge incoming manuscripts.

Editing: $350 up to 70K, $500 up to 150K (currently booked through Feb. 1, 2019)

There are several levels of editing. IP will complete developmental, copy/line, and proofreading. We do not perform substantive editing where IP would change the intent or content of your novel. We will make recommendations that may lead to such changes, but those will be changes you choose after considering recommendations. 

Working with Josh has been a wonderful experience. Not only did he help bring my vision to life, he also helped me find the closure I was looking for. What once began as a coping mechanism, long ago, has transformed into a full size novel I love Not only did Josh find my oversights, grammar issues, tense problems and miscellaneous holes scattered throughout the manuscript, he also helped me find my voice.

His drive to help a new writer be successful, his encouragement, and dedication to the craft have been paramount in this adventure. I have high hopes that he and I will continue to work together on future projects. I’ve found comfort at Introvert Press and he was willing, with open arms, to invite me in and join the family. I appreciate all his hard work and I couldn’t have reached this milestone without him. Thank you, Mr. Jones.

Jeremy Morang – Author of Truckstop at the Edge of the Universe

Cover Design: $350

Front and back jacket design, formatting blurb and author bio, spine labeling, placement of ISBN and barcode, and adaptation to requested formats.

Formatting Content for Print and Digital Formats: $100

Front & back matter, table of contents, margins, indentations, fonts, headings, chapter divisions, chapter headings, page alignments, and other aspects of perfecting a manuscript for submission.

Marketing & Promotion: $350 per month of ongoing services for a contract year

This is the key to becoming a successful author. Many writers have the skill and talent to write a sensational novel. The skills needed for promotion and marketing are often antithetical to the skills we have as writers. We can help.


If you are looking for assistance in bringing your idea to a literary agent or publisher, we have been successful in completing manuscripts on behalf of clients who ultimately become the named author. We offer a contract that extends for 9 months for $750 per month of service. This content will result in a working manuscript written to fulfill the needs set forward in the contract established during the first month of the process.

“Josh was so patient with me as I told him my story of growing up in the shadow of The Cotton Club. He took my ramblings and created an outline. There it was – my story! He created chapters out of my life, and they were so beautiful. He made every step a joy.”

Miriam Peters, author of Hopscotch in Harlem