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Do you have a work-in-progress? …a poem? …an article? …a short story? …a novel? Do you have a WIP, but you are not confident because of typos, grammar, tense, continuity, or some other literary concern?

We can help.

We can help with your overall WIP where we address the following issues

  1. We can help with Content Editing where we evaluate your WIP as a whole. We identify problems of structure, organization, coherence, “plot holes”, and consistency.
  2. We can help with Copy Editing where we correct problems of grammar, style, repetition, word usage, and slang.
  3. We can help with Line Editing where we correct punctuation and spelling and the line-by-line writing.

We charge $25 hourly for anything up to 25 pages (usually not more than 2 hours). We will provide you with an estimate before we begin and we commit to staying within 10% of that price for your overall fee.

We charge a flat fee for long-form WIPs (novels). The fee is thoroughly discussed prior to work beginning so there are no surprises for you. Our general price range is $225 – $450 for a full-length novel (based on word count). Exceptions do happen, we will talk through the project completely so you have an estimate of cost for your project prior to starting.

The process usually takes about three weeks based on an average length of 80K words. Week one is the editor’s read through to familiarize themselves with your work. Weeks two and three are dedicated to line and copyediting. If the submitted work has major issues, the project may take up to six weeks and will cost more. There will be no hidden costs though, we will give you a good estimate prior to signing any contract.



A story like mine, should never be told. – Memoir of a Geisha

The staff at Introvert Press has met an amazing array of people who feel the same way about their lives, about their ideas, or about their experiences. It is our esteemed privilege to have worked with many people to overcome that mindset.

Stories NEED to be told.

We connect you – the creative talent – with an established ghostwriter with whom we have a relationship. It requires extensive work to create a synopsis of your book. The synopsis is used to create an outline of the manuscript. We then develop the outline into chapters. Those chapters become the book.

Introvert Press has created a six-month process for most fiction. Non-fiction projects take a bit longer due to adequate research time.  Rates for ghostwriting are between $500- $1000 per month. The first month we will create the synopsis and outline, the backbone of the project. These tools will help avoid “mission creep”. The second month will see content creation. The client will receive monthly submissions from the ghostwriter so content development is not a surprise or wavering from the agreed upon synopsis and outline. Content will be created for the following four to five months in the same fashion until the outline is fulfilled. If at any time in the project you are not satisfied, you may cancel your contract. Material written belongs to you so we will supply you with the latest updates to the project upon your request to leave.

There are a few things we would like for you to do before asking for our help.

We strongly urge you to educate yourself about Ghostwriting. Here are some links to get you started:

  1. Lisa Tener
  2. Laura Sherman
  3. Writer’s Services
  4. Jane Friedman


We have no problem writing subject matter that is on the fringe, taboo, or edgy. Conversely, our writers have a knack for taking the mundane and finding the magic in it. Never assume your story is boring.

Not scared off? Splendid – let’s talk! Send a message through the fields below presenting your idea in the Comment section.