The I.P. New Years’ Eve 24-hour Flash Fiction Horror Contest

While most of the world raise glasses of champagne, we writers are at home putting words to the page. I.P. hosts a flash fiction contest in honor of Mary Shelley and her classic novel Frankenstein. Her novel, written in 1818 in London, was the result of a friendly competition in an old castle during a fierce storm. The competition is what inspired I.P.s New Year’s Eve contest. The theme for the contest will be posted on the I.P. website at 9:00 pm on New Year’s Eve. The contest will end at 9:00 pm on New Year’s Day.

PRIZE: $100 gift card

The I.P. Annual Literary Fiction Short Story Writing Contest

Each year we host a fee-based writing contest as a fundraiser for Introvert PRESS in June. 50% of proceeds from this contest go toward author advances, the other 50% will go toward the winning submission. Deadline is April 4th, the day on which George Orwell’s 1984 famously begins.

The theme of our contest this year will be: Transformation.

Your story will be between 1,500 to 10,000 words. It can be of any genre. Employ your best literary mechanisms. Regardless if you write horror or literary or romance, stories will be judged on their mastery of language, their stunning nuance, and their evocative nature.

PRIZE: 50% of revenue created from entry fees to fund a grand prize winner.