Writing Genre: Nigel Shinner

Of all the genres I could write, I focus on contemporary thrillers. I take inspiration from real-life crime stories and put my own spin on them, trying to twist the basic elements of fact into an engaging, suspense-filled roller coaster ride of a story. I would never be a cloned soldier on a space battle cruiser, so I can’t write about it with the conviction I desire. I also, do not mix with Elves or Dwarves and so while I may enjoy a little fantasy story, I cannot find the common ground. However, I can put myself into the mind of a hero character, who comes up against criminal characters, terrorists, or killers, in everyday situations. Horror lurks around every corner, and what occurs behind closed doors is often far more frightening than anything in a fictional world.








Emmanuel Idaago Odogo

Emmanuel Idaago Odogo: Lagos, Nigeria

Poetry is my thing. It lets me express myself in the most creatively captivating way. In poetry, every word is heavily pregnant, and can be beautifully understood in different ways; even in ways different from the poet’s, but equally beautiful. As a poet, I can express myself and still be my non-talkative self.

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Writing Genre: Corrie Lavina Knight

I write science fiction. Why, I don’t know, as I almost never read the genre. I tend to gravitate toward it in films and television shows, but my preferred reading genres are fantasy, historical, mystery, and romance. I suppose that would explain why my first series is a highly political space western.

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