A Review of REDNECK BLUES by Mick Rose

Mick Rose REVIEW: Redneck Blues, short story by Josh Jones An engaging humorous romp in a Hicksville redneck town. Easy 8-page read. While Amazon estimates reading time at less than 30 minutes, Josh deftly propels the reader -- and I doubt it took me 10. Last I heard Redneck Blues had climbed from No. 5 on … Continue reading A Review of REDNECK BLUES by Mick Rose

Android and Eve

Flash Fiction Friday is a series currently curated by Alanah Andrews. If you'd like to submit flash fiction for publication, please contact Introvert Press. ____________________________ Android and Eve ‘You know, I’m gettin’ real sick of these hunks of junk takin’ all our jobs.’ Steven glanced over his shoulder at the woman behind the bar, then … Continue reading Android and Eve

A Life in Mexico: Being Dead

Banda music, the Latin-flavored polka music, played from the center of town. Lupé was thinking about Maria. Maria lived down the path from Lupé. She walked by the lower part of his yard every morning about 7:00 AM. She worked at the small tortilla shop on the main block in town. Tortillas were one thing … Continue reading A Life in Mexico: Being Dead