Books that explore how we live and how we interact with society.

  1. Rob Cooke‘s “Sara’s Swamp Blues” Miriam Landry is the best musician I have ever heard, and I was raised in a juke-joint.
  2. Rob Cooke‘s “Moonshiner’s Legacy” A Slice of Americana as Bittersweet as Grandpa’s famous ‘shine.
  3. Josh Jones‘ debut novel “Sheltered” The struggles of a homeless man with mental illness are chronicled in this unflinching look into the homeless community.


The elegance of Shakespeare’s sonnets. The dry, savage wit of Dorothy Parker. The modern poignant works of Billy Collins. The timeless haiku of Basho.Poetry is the bloodline of the human mind

  1. Lucie Guerre‘s anthology “Soulstice” A poetry anthology by American author Lucie Guerre, accompanied by her own photographs.
  2. Fiona Meyrick‘s anthology “Cream Cracked Colours“: A selection of poetry and prose.


The dark red dust fell from her hand. Her feet caught in the ocean of red sand pulling her down into the matrix of tunnels from where she would never return. Her arms exploded upward to the blue aurora now intense above her. The particles danced about her hands gripping her wrists and lulled her upward into the magnetic realm of the Tor.

  1. Catherine Bank‘s  “Princess Pirate” As the daughter of the Pirate King, Tilia Swanson has an unusual upbringing learning skills that aren’t often available to women.
  2. Antony Copeland‘s “Hermes925″ Thanks to a network of augmented reality devices, everyone gets the chance to appear as they want to…
  3. Elizabeth Dunlap‘s “Knight of the Hunted” 400-year-old Lisbeth was born a vampire…
  4. D.D. Godley‘s “Refuge Planet”  Dystopian thriller. Frighteningly realistic alien contact, abduction, and invasion.
  5. Nate Ragolia‘s “The Retroactivist” In 2087, mankind has eradicated war, poverty, and jobs, leaving humans free to strive for pure happiness, but one man wants more.
  6. William L Stuart‘s “The Gemstone Chronicles” A four book series of middle grades/young adult fantasy adventure novels.
  7. Matt Shao‘s  “Continuity” When humanity is faced with an imminent threat, Carson Baxter decides to think outside the box.


Be still my heart…and her heart, and his heart, and their hearts. Romance writers are advocates of the heart, and all the beautiful and tortured stories it can evoke. Her hand across a muscled abdomen. His hand upon the nape of her neck. The suburban couple, and their sometime companion, and his special way.

  1. Linda G Hill‘s “All Good Stories” It’s a romantic comedy with a twist about two best friends; Xavier wants Jupiter, but she’s interested in Bob.
  2. Cassandra Parker‘s “Harley & Me: Love Means”  This is a love story full of joy, laughter, heartbreak, and loss.
  3. Bill Scheltema‘s  “THE FEELS -The Ecstasy of Life” adult romance. Have you ever been so in love it hurts?
  4. Caroline Walken‘s “The Willow Series”
  5. Ava Yates‘: “Bulletproof“, a young adult romance. A hit-and-run accident turns the small coastal town of North Star upside down and brings betrayal, lies, and violence along with it.