“Creativity takes courage.” Henri Matisse

Josh Jones


Managing Editor, Owner

Josh published his first book in 1972. At four pages, it was a riveting story of a magical hamster. The cover was evocative having been drawn with marker on construction paper. His mom photocopied it six times for grandparents and family. Boom – published at five years old. Cute, right? Creating has always been a part of his DNA. His production life started with music and theater in high school. It grew into working in recording studios with small ensembles ranging from progressive rock to choral music. He returned to school to get a graduate degree in business after his stint in music. He found students needing papers and dissertations edited and he realized he had the skills to provide that service; an editing career began. Through his editing clients, he found a market for ghostwriting; in other words, bringing to life the stories other people wanted to tell but lacked the writing chops to complete. Surviving a complicated medical scare in 2010, he transitioned into the world of literary fiction and editing fulltime. “In some capacity or another, the creative writing world has been in my life, helping me become who I am.” Josh says as he thinks back to his creative life. He goes on to say, “The power of writing your story is life-changing, whether it’s a memoir or a story laden with fictitious characters and places.” As Managing Editor for Introvert Press he experiences profound joy publishing emerging writers who have put in the work and have an amazing manuscript. Writers of shorter works, flash fiction, and poetry also have a place in his life. Helping writers is the reason Introvert Press has begun organizing and editing the Anthology of Human Thought, a collection of theme-based short works for writers seeking publication. It’s his goal to help every writer find their voice in whatever direction they choose to take.