CreateSpace is Closing

Here’s the info from CreateSpace.

Here is info from David Gaughran. Hyperlinks appear in original article.

CreateSpace Is Dead, Long Love KDP Print

CreateSpace is closing, it’s official. As I said up top, and in my post two weeks ago, it’s probably wise to get ahead of the big migration in a few weeks. Amazon has 2m titles to move; stuff is bound to go wrong. And my own experience with KDP Print customer service indicates that you might not want to get stuck in that queue with everyone else.

To encourage you to move now, Amazon has further streamlined the process and you can now port your entire catalog in one go right here. There’s also a pop-up which will initiate the process for you when you log into CreateSpace, but reports this morning suggest both are getting slammed right now. Don’t panic if you can’t get in today – you have a few weeks.

I recommend checking all your titles afterwards – the covers, blurbs, metadata, interior files – so that wasn’t wasted work if you jumped early. Stuff can go wrong in the transfer process, as I found myself. It’s important to double check everything (especially given reports of wonkiness in the new migration process this morning).

Pay particular attention to blurbs and metadata — those get pulled from your ebook edition and might need updating. On the plus side, you know have more categories and keywords for your paperbacks.

I’m sure you have lots of questions about the closing of CreateSpace. Amazon has posted a fair bit of information on the KDP help pages and the related FAQ which you can read. I’ll just highlight some things:

  • No official date has been announced but Amazon said the automatic transfer process from CreateSpace is happening “in a few weeks.” If you choose to do nothing, your titles will be automatically ported across at that point.
  • All historical sales data will disappear from CreateSpace at that point. Amazon’s FAQ claims it will be incorporated into your KDP Dashboard, but I transferred a few weeks ago and haven’t seen this. Perhaps it’s coming, but backup your data just in case.
  • You don’t need to do anything with ISBNs. If you were using a free CreateSpace one, that doesn’t need to change (and CreateSpace will continue to be listed as your publisher).
  • Books will stay live during the transfer process.
  • Yes, KDP Print now has matte covers, expanded distribution, author copies, and distribution to Canada, Mexico, and Australia, and pretty much everything else you got at CreateSpace. Except for…
  • No, the Australian issues regarding author copies etc. have not been resolved. I think Aussie authors need to put their heads together and collectively tackle Amazon on this.
  • Payment schedules are NOT the same. In short, KDP is a month slower in paying so you’ll have a gap month. Stock up on ramen.
  • Royalties are pretty much the same (some minor printing cost differences regarding shorter books printed in Europe), and you can price individually in most territories.
  • These are the key differences between CreateSpace and KDP Print as per Amazon.
  • Most interesting nugget there: you can run AMS ads for print books. Interesting, especially given that you can target print books exclusively with Product Display ads.



3 thoughts on “CreateSpace is Closing

  1. Thanks for the info. I’m trying to get my books switched over, but I’m just getting problem after problem. I don’t even get a pop-up when I go to CreateSpace, so I can’t click from there. I’m flummoxed ATM.


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