NOWIt happened in a heartbeat.

Her eyes opened to shattered glass and pulsing lights. She was hanging upside down. Blood covered her face. She moved to wipe it away. One arm was tangled in her seatbelt, her other arm simply wouldn’t respond.

‘Oh god,” she thought.

A voice shouted, “Can you hear me?”

“Yes,” she yelled, choking.

Her swollen abdomen radiated with pain.

“No, no, no!”


“I’m…I’m pregnant!”

Pain, everywhere, kept her on the cusp of consciousness. The seatbelt was cut. Her body crashed down.

“Stay with me!”

“I’m…giving birth!”

Strange hands pulled her onto a hard surface. Broken glass scratched her back. Her dress pulled up. Her legs forced apart.

She sobbed during contractions.

“She’s crowning,” another voice said. “This kid’s coming…NOW!”

Bright lights. Searing, blinding pain.

Her hips surged with pain.


A scream.

No, a cry.

The tiniest, most perfect cry.

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