A Voice from Nigeria

Hannah Faleti I. has spent a lifetime in Nigeria. She is currently living in the cosmopolitan city of Ibadan, north of Lagos and the Gulf of Guinea.  She begins law school in March of 2018 at Obafemi Awolowo University where she hopes to become an advocate for civil rights. Her poetry and writing reflect the grand dynamics of her homeland of Nigeria. Hannah will curate a weekly series of postings from Nigeria for Introvert Press.


Rape cases are getting worse in Nigeria. Nowadays, men believe their hungry libidos will be satisfied when they force themselves on young girls (1 year and above). It’s really sad, tainting those ignorant, innocent girls.



I’m the newly molded clay.

I’m the new shimmering fabric.

I’m the new seed, bringing more.

I’m the precious stone, untouched.

As the clay, the flood has come to wash me away.

As the fabric, pain has come to rip me apart.

I’m no longer the seed, the wind found me.

No longer precious, the stone has been touched.

I’m the wall that bears the cracks.

I’m the broken pitcher, who shall pick me up?

I’m the withered flower, trampled, destroyed.

I’m the Queen, I’ve lost my kingdom.

As the wall, I shall soon fall, soon crumble.

As the pitcher, the grasses shall choke me in.

As the flower, years shall make me vanish.

As the Queen, I’ve no pride, no crown.


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