Happy New Year

2018 is off and running. All of us at Introvert Press are hoping this coming year will see you accomplish all writing goals you establish for the New Year.

Here are a few notes for you for January.

Book Store of the Month – 5th of January

We want to hear from you about a bookstore that makes a difference in your neighborhood. We want to support local bookstores that our members frequent. We also want to help you, as authors, reach out to your local markets to establish your shelf space and create opportunities for book signings and promotional events.

Short story submissions: DIVERSITY / HUMANITY

Introvert Press will release an anthology of short stories each year. The anthology will cover an array of subjects over the twelve months of 2018. For January, we are seeking submissions focusing on DIVERSITY / HUMANITY. You can interpret the paired themes any way you see fit. As always we are looking for your words to transport a reader to your storyline. Make them laugh, make them cry; just make them feel!

The deadline is the 15th of each month, but for this first month, we will allow submissions until January 31st. Stories must be between 1,500 – 10,000 words. There is no restriction on content, although writing that is gratuitous rather than evocative will probably not make the cut. Poetry is 100% acceptable in lieu of short story prose.

The anthology will provide a published credit for chosen authors. Stories not published in the anthology will have an opportunity to appear in our Quarterly Newsletter MOTIF, another opportunity for a publishing credit. All sales of the anthology will assist Introvert Press contributors to publish their long-form works. As always, you retain all rights to your work when you appear in our publications. For more information on the anthology, check out our Publications page, leave comments here or give Josh an email.

Submissions are simple cut – and paste your story below. We will contact you once received and reviewed.

Author: j.jones

Author. Ghostwriter. Content Provider. Permaculture Advocate. Contributor @ https://introvertpress.wordpress.com/

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