Who likes space?

This is the link to my book, Continuity. Its basically the story of all of us. Human beings. How we evolve as a civilization. One peek at our historical timeline will tell anyone that humanity is forever learning more, understanding more, and expanding our perception of what our reality is. The world used to be flat. The sun used to be the center of the universe.

Well, I want to know what’s next. So I wrote the story that I think should happen. Humanity finally finds its place in the universe.

Author: mshao24

Let's see 🤔 I'm a writer, first and foremost. At least that's the case as of August 4th, 2015. That was the day my mother and best friend in the world, passed away. Growing up, she always pushed me towards writing since she knew how much I loved it. Unfortunately for me, I also had a father who scoffed at my dreams of a career as a creative - so at his behest I entered the world of business for six years after graduating from Vanderbilt with a degree in economics. My mother's passing changed all that. Throughout the month she spent in the ICU and for the month following her death, I locked myself away and wrote the novel I'd always told her I wanted to write. It's since been published and dedicated to her, along with the follow ups to come. I intend to commemorate a Reading Sanctuary in her name at my local library in Mt. Juliet, TN when my career allows. My journey into writing is evolving every day it seems. In addition to the novels I'm working on, I have a column at the local paper, blog on this site frequently, and have even dipped my toes into poetry. I want nothing more than to inspire others to chase their dreams. For those interested in science fiction, my book is entitled Continuity, and focuses on humanity struggling to maintain societal structure after news of an impending disaster. The protagonist, trying anything to contribute, vigorously attempts to make contact with anyone out there in the universe who might lend a hand - ultimately leading to mankind's first contact with another intelligent species. The book is available on Amazon, Apple iBooks, Google Play, Booksamillion.com and Barnesandnoble.com. It is also for sale at Nashville's very own Parnassus Books. Thank you for stopping by. I hope you enjoy the blog!

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